Welcome to the City of Lefors On-Line Payments



***Important Notice***


You must enter all the information off your utility bill exactly as it is printed on your utility bill.  If the information on your bill needs to be corrected, you can do that on-line after your registration is complete. 


1.   Click on register for on-line billing services.

2.   Enter the information off your water bill.

3.   If you would like a paper bill, be sure to click on the "receive bill by mail also box"

4.   After entering your information, click on the "submit registration box"

5.   After registration, you will be sent an e-mail to confirm that you have registered for this service.

6.   Respond to the confirmation e-mail and then you can access your account balance and pay your bill.

7.   The following month, when the water bills go out, you will be notified by e-mail that your water bill is available to view and pay on-line

8.   You will then be able to view your complete water bill with usage history and account balances.

9.   Thank you for using this exciting new feature.